Blog Post

Hello everyone!

I thought I would give you some personal accounts of how Zilis UltraCell Hemp CBD Oil benefited not only myself but those I personally know as well.

I am an RN and have always studied natural health remedies and often taught/informed  my patients about alternative options to explore.

I started on this journey looking for a very good medicinal Hemp CBD oil.  I knew I could not take anything with THC in it, not even a trace.  So my journey began. For about a year I tried other CBD oils that were "hyped up" as amazing.  Well, not all of them were and certainly  not quite addressing my body's dis-homeostasis.

I had a traumatic experience a few years ago and I wanted to find something natural to heal my anxiety and headaches and IBS and hopefully keep depression away.  I was not on any medications and did not want to start as years previous in my life I did have prescription medications for all the above but quit taking everything because I was not getting better. The medications just seemed like a "fix" for the symptoms.

I have always eaten healthy and exercised at least 3x a week and taken vitamins, minerals and herb supplements.

Last November (2017) a friend in the healthcare field introduced me to Zilis UltraCell CBD Hemp Oil which is a full spectrum hemp oil and is water soluble which makes it 94% bioavailable where others are oil based and you lose a huge percent as it breaks down in the gut.

My headaches were gone within 15 minutes of taking the Hemp CBD oil.  In fact, I do not get headaches frequently anymore if at all. I really thought hey this is a start!

It took a month before I noticed my IBS was not giving me near the problems I was used to having.  I have not had any intestinal issues to speak of in the last 6-7 months which I am really thankful for.

It is the same with the anxiety.  I have so few issues with anxiety now and if I do I take a dropperful of Hemp CBD oil and 10-15 minutes later I am fine and  heart palpitations subside.

Symptoms of depression took a few months but each month was better and after 6 months of taking this liquid gold twice a day I was starting to feel pretty good again.

Oh and I do not get sick!  I know my immune system is functioning well because I am not getting any colds, flu or infections that make the rounds.

I wish you the best of health!